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So it begins... [Jan. 5th, 2004|07:32 pm]

[mood |accomplishedaccomplished]

Welcome to "Let's Chat", a community for filthy bastards, run by filthy bastards. I'm fuckin_bee, co-moderator of Let's Chat. inertia_broken is my fellow moderator, and any questions about this god forsaken place can be asked here, or on our separate LJ pages.

As for the topic of popcorn, I have long ago sworn to never eat popcorn for the rest of my life. Those damn kernels get all up in your shit and they don't go away, and I've found that popcorn doesn't give me enough "physical satisfaction" to continue eating it.

Since inertia_broken asked the topic, I get to bring you the phrase of the month. January's phrase of the month is:

"Sperm is just a love worm."

Well, all this should get the ball rolling. Now off with you...reply to our topic, start your own topic, do whatever it is you do that gets you off.
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THIS IS NOT A TEST! [Jan. 5th, 2004|06:53 pm]

Damn, that's one nasty icon. Not mine, mind you, but Moon McNasty. That's not real name but we've been calling him that for years. I guess he'll be our little mascot. The funny thing is that we actually own this fuck. The sad thing is that he's not on his little jeep. Whenever we play Monopoly, we have to tape his little ass to a cube. A red one. Or sometimes we put him on a deer. We haven't gotten any complaints from him. We haven't gotten any from the deer either.

Well, I guess the topic for now is POPCORN: What do you hate/love about it etc...

I'll tell you why I hate the shit. It gets stuck in my fucking teeth, and I tear the shit out of my tounge trying to get that shit out. Anyway, that's all I want to say on that cause it's too traumatizing for me to talk about it. Although, you can ask me anything about the subject and I just might answer back.

You can also ask us anything you want about Moon McNasty. He speaks though us, and he just said "I McRibbed yo mamma last night!"
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